Navigating The Trauma Of Family Feud Property Settlements

Have you ever heard it said that death brings out both the best and the worse in families? If you personally, or someone you know, is in the middle of a family feud property settlement, these words have likely never rung so true. The same can be said for people who work within the framework of property settlements. Often the physical and mental trauma they witness can be nothing short of shocking.

Is there a way of navigating the family feud property settlement scenario? What can be done to minimise mental and physical trauma? Let’s take a quick look at a few of the main factors that can contribute to such trauma.

A Few Of The Contributing Factors

The Brain Default

Being under a heightened sense of stress and pressure can do something to our brain. Rather than default to the rational and logical part of our brain to determine what we feel, how we act and the words that come out of our mouth, a default can kick in that is related to our emotions and impulse. During a property settlement, if many members are defaulting to this part of their brain, there is sure to be a higher risk of conflict.

Inability To Read Minds

One crucial failing and major factor in physical and mental trauma when dealing with family property settlements is a lack of communication. Couple this with presumptions as to how other members are thinking and feeling and you have the ideal base for a conflict to start.

Different Ways Of Grieving

No two people grieve the same way. For some the grief hits them immediately, for others, there is a sense of numbness in the initial days and weeks. Such a difference in grieving can give rise to disagreements and be the initial spark that sets fire to a nasty and traumatic family feud.

How To Minimise The Risk Of Physical And Mental Trauma

The main focus for all family members should be that of reducing the mental and physical trauma caused by family feud property settlements. How can this be done?


Schedule Family Meetings From Day One

Remember what we mentioned above about communication being vital. From the initial stages of a family property settlement, regular family meetings should be scheduled. This will give everyone chance to express their feelings and ensure that no wrong presumptions are made.

Make Allowances

You may be feeling hurt or angry at how a family member has acted. However, by remembering that they may be acting out of character, as well as the fact that their grieving process will be different to yours, may help you to make allowances and stop a conflict from escalating.

Indeed, much mental and physical trauma can be experienced when a family feud starts, unfortunately, property settlements can be one common cause of such feuds. By each family member understanding the contributing factors as well as how the risk of trauma can be minimised, the settlement may not need to be the cause of an endless family war.

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